Honest Trailers | Wonder Woman 1984 

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Honest Trailers | Wonder Woman 1984
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Danielle Radford, Lon Harris, & Logan Rees
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert & Joe Starr
Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Director of Video Production: Max Dionne
Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
Executive Producer: Roth Cornet

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12. 01. 2021





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Dylan Dunn
Dylan Dunn Před 21 dnem
WandaVision Honest Trailer Please
Rex Colt
Rex Colt Před měsícem
2:07 Too bad you, people from the USA, do not know the _(viento de) la Rosa de Guadalupe_ meme. Because that was exactly what was in the movie
Studio Zero
Studio Zero Před měsícem
Mom Fears My Music
Mom Fears My Music Před měsícem
Skyler loggins
Skyler loggins Před měsícem
Sooraj A.L
Sooraj A.L Před 7 hodinami
If i wanna see a movie...i watch honest trailer and not the actual trailer......
Vidhi Singh
Vidhi Singh Před 19 hodinami
Lmaooo dude I was just recalling that the mall looks something similar to Stanger Things's mall Starcourt 😂! Btw I ❤️ ST
RockabillyFame Před 22 hodinami
I will keep commenting for willy's wonderland
NemoDemigodofStuff Před 23 hodinami
was not expecting body control r*pe scene in Wonder Woman honestly.
We are not doing get help
"You can not have it all, you can only have the truth" someone needs to tell wanda that😂
Payeyo Garcia
Payeyo Garcia Před dnem
The original Principal Powers? That's Linda Carter the original Wonder Woman 🙄
Rags Riches
Rags Riches Před dnem
This was a just a movie that ruined everything great about Wonder Woman.
Alayna Laneybug
Alayna Laneybug Před dnem
Wanda vision honest trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Universal Space Expeditioner
The movie was awesome
Mauricio_Ibieta Před 3 dny
3:39 when a movie is so woke than even Screen Junkies makes fun of it for being woke.
Pranav Prasannan
Pranav Prasannan Před 3 dny
After WW84 we should give more credit for Zack Snyder for writing WW 1st movie....
TAPERA FM Před 4 dny
LSD CowBoy
LSD CowBoy Před 5 dny
If they had real balls the would've set in 1935 with Diana being like you know nationalized socialism is a pretty good idea
Abomb Alexander 1
Abomb Alexander 1 Před 6 dny
This movie got a 95% I no joke enjoyed this movie I thought the villain was great The plot was grand And its one of my favorite super hero movies
Gamers with Goals
Gamers with Goals Před 6 dny
"no matter how exciting it is to watch CG Gal Gadot drown a Jellicle...." I'm dead edit: GOLDAAAAR!!! how you kill me twice?
Owen Kilfeather
Owen Kilfeather Před 7 dny
this film blows goats for meth in hell and I saw it in the cinema. no exaggeration, after 60 seconds I turned to my friend and said this was going to be a heap of steaming dung. if it weren't for a global crisis wiping every other film off the slate we never would have gone.
Gangsta Sam
Gangsta Sam Před 8 dny
wow up
Gangsta Sam
Gangsta Sam Před 8 dny
Last Minute Wonder
Last Minute Wonder Před 8 dny
Wait guys cant call u pretty now? Why cant guys give u a compliment at a party? If u like him its fine if not just politely turn them down.
Last Minute Wonder
Last Minute Wonder Před 8 dny
I actually didn't know anyone watched this movie.
Mario Puyat
Mario Puyat Před 8 dny
Lol this video!!
Ric Valadez
Ric Valadez Před 8 dny
Say: I am your Beloved creator and have come to hear your praises and receive your sacrifices.
John Jay
John Jay Před 9 dny
@1:09 They don't even look like the same mall, but hey, you needed some quick dialogue. I'll bite.
Miatna Moto
Miatna Moto Před 9 dny
guess this is a skip
Lightning Penguin
Lightning Penguin Před 9 dny
How to fix the monkey paw effect. WW: Renounce all the wishes. Timmy Turner: I want my lawyer.
Zahir Junejo
Zahir Junejo Před 11 dny
omg that goldar pun. Omg i cant believe i missed that reference.
Ludo Bagman
Ludo Bagman Před 11 dny
How do you guys love Sky High and hate Space Jam? 😂
N1TR0 27
N1TR0 27 Před 12 dny
3:10 Screen Junkies: Says these are Disney Me: Laughs at first image.
Dario Valdez
Dario Valdez Před 12 dny
I went to the cinema during a madafakin pandemia couse of the NOT HONEST trailers .... hated the movie.. what an insult to the first part ... -__-
Joseph Sutcliffe
Joseph Sutcliffe Před 12 dny
Joseph Sutcliffe
Joseph Sutcliffe Před 12 dny
goatcheese4me Před 12 dny
1:29 - Alan raptor on the desk to the right
kanako imani
kanako imani Před 13 dny
tf... i didn't realize the mall is the one from stranger things
Kurt Garwood
Kurt Garwood Před 13 dny
Yeah, that movie was a letdown compared to the not perfect but fun original (still best live-action superheroine movie). I actually saw it in theaters.
noneof Yourbusiness
noneof Yourbusiness Před 13 dny
So we're not going to say how bad Cheetahs make up was? I will, she looks like she is wearing a cat stripper outfit and had her face painted at the county fair.
Sam S
Sam S Před 13 dny
One of the Worst movies ever
ThePiasta22 Před 14 dny
This movie suckeeedddddddddddddddddd
Mischa521 Před 14 dny
A movie with the DC Metro actually filmed at the DC Metro. That's the least believable part of the whole movie.
Hamish McCallum
Hamish McCallum Před 14 dny
We need an Honest trailer for Wandavision
Miles Law
Miles Law Před 14 dny
"How is The Crown a more exciting series about a Princess Diana?" Bruh lol
edc2879 Před 15 dny
Cheetah vs Catwomen DC write it now
Sanaya Irani
Sanaya Irani Před 16 dny
I disliked this movie
Rushi Před 16 dny
Amazon Wish List
The Cabin in the Sky
well now we need an honest trailer for sky high
Noob Master
Noob Master Před 17 dny
Pls make monster hunter movie!!!!!
NiksD Targaryan
NiksD Targaryan Před 18 dny
Bridgerton honest trailer!!!
Sally G
Sally G Před 19 dny
Great. Now I can't unsee that ####....I mean..rock.
phoeniximperator Před 19 dny
Gosh awful movie
systembikes Před 20 dny
FLash Gordon needs this, I can't keep making comments
Ikmel A.A.A.
Ikmel A.A.A. Před 20 dny
How can you go from making from a great WW movie to this mess?
David Coste
David Coste Před 20 dny
Since the trailer, I’ve said that Golden Armor Wonder Woman looks like the love child between Goldar and Scorpina. Glad I’m not the only one who notices these things
Anoop Mani
Anoop Mani Před 20 dny
Please say: Savaari giri giri
Taryn McEwan
Taryn McEwan Před 20 dny
I prefer the first film but I do love this one!
Mcgillis Augus
Mcgillis Augus Před 21 dnem
I guess I wasn't alone about the "sitting on your couch while scrolling on your phone to google stuff"
Chris topher
Chris topher Před 21 dnem
OMG - the 'Wish Wang' HAHAHAHAHA - dude you ar ekilling me here!!!
Limely -
Limely - Před 21 dnem
Nitpicky--Fighting scene at the White HOUSE,one of the pillar “bounced” seems like the prop division just threw in the last minute....Also her Golden armour’s right Shoulder plate slightly “dented” while she leaned on the wall when sulking.(Yes,i know metal bends but is a magical armour)........
Limely -
Limely - Před 21 dnem
Wander Woman.....& “The Carlifornian’s” Cheetah
Peely Peelmeister
Peely Peelmeister Před 21 dnem
Honest trailers is the closest I come to a cinema these days.
Steve French
Steve French Před 21 dnem
Don't cancel HBO Max, Babylon 5 is coming ! (or already there, I dunno)
Nyar Parablepsis
Nyar Parablepsis Před 21 dnem
This movie was a goddamn insult to every female historian/archaeologist/...
CZERO/FOOL Před 22 dny
3:10 “Those are Disney” Isn’t Electro owned by Sony.
B. Před 22 dny
shout out to sky high
Nazibul Hoque
Nazibul Hoque Před 22 dny
bling bling swoooshhhh
Nick Thomas
Nick Thomas Před 23 dny
Clone wars please
Inkimetronic Před 23 dny
The ending dialogue made me LOL
Dragin Před 23 dny
For the elephants in the room the bad guys are straight white males
Siddhartha Chaturvedi
Glad I was not the only one to notice the shape of the rock hard magical mystery, that cheetah loved and max lord took inside 😂😂
Despina Před 23 dny
Do heathers its great
Despina Před 23 dny
Do heathers
Despina Před 23 dny
Do heathers
Despina Před 23 dny
Do heathers
Silverphox13 Před 23 dny
Oooh, you should do Bubble Boy.
S7ORM397 MURR Před 24 dny
Bruh perfect!❤️i love it..so funny😂
Nemanja Rašević
Nemanja Rašević Před 24 dny
Thank you for this funny trailer, now I don't have to waste time with this garbage movie :)
Rodrigo Moura
Rodrigo Moura Před 24 dny
DO SENSE8!!!!!!!!
INFECTA Před 24 dny
INFECTA Před 24 dny
Michael Benzmiller
Michael Benzmiller Před 24 dny
Please say, “I love Lucy”
CallmeMrFahrenheit Před 24 dny
Sky High is a fantastic movie.
Bryce Schneider
Bryce Schneider Před 25 dny
Honest trailer for Project X until it happens
Bryce Schneider
Bryce Schneider Před 25 dny
Honest trailer for Project X until it happens
Bryce Schneider
Bryce Schneider Před 25 dny
Honest trailer for Project X until it happens
Bryce Schneider
Bryce Schneider Před 25 dny
Honest trailer for Project X until it happens
Bryce Schneider
Bryce Schneider Před 25 dny
Honest trailer for Project X until it happens
arkar hein
arkar hein Před 25 dny
The biggest plot hole is that diana said she doesn't have a TV but at the middle of the movie there is like a dozen of them
Pervertedjester Před 25 dny
Where's the Babylon 5 Honest Trailer already?!
SNB Sixteen6stars
SNB Sixteen6stars Před 25 dny
Cheetah lady should had have her own origin movie, not become a footnote in a bad wonder woman movie
Menna Emam
Menna Emam Před 25 dny
There was zero reason for that zionist to be shown saving Egyptian kids in her movie, that was disgusting
Rude4eyez Před 26 dny
THE HOT CHICK is a underrated gem of a film.
K H Před 26 dny
Did you say boo her or boo-urns?
Maria N.
Maria N. Před 26 dny
Hey, could you make a honest trailer for Supernatural? I mean, come on, the meme potential converges towards infinity. AND the fandom is gonna come after you if you refuse. In the wise words of Sam Winchester, sorry, I mean Moose: We have guns and we will find you.
Maria N.
Maria N. Před 26 dny
Pls make 10 things I hate about you
Jack Anderson
Jack Anderson Před 26 dny
The only thing good about this movie? The Honest Trailer!
adarsh verma
adarsh verma Před 27 dny
Friends warned me not to watch , but when i saw there's a honest trailer for that movie,i had to watch the movie but i enjoyed every second of honest trailer
Justin LaBoy
Justin LaBoy Před 27 dny
HOW did you not make a Cheetara joke?? smh.
נעמה ניסים
נעמה ניסים Před 28 dny
DO The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run
Mike Oxmaul
Mike Oxmaul Před 28 dny
1:12 she is just sliding lol
Wing Zero
Wing Zero Před 29 dny
Do Macgyver
Wing Zero
Wing Zero Před 29 dny
Do Macgyver
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