Honest Trailers | Avatar: The Last Airbender 

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Honest Trailers | Avatar: The Last Airbender
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Danielle Radford, & Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert & Joe Starr
Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Supervising Producer: Max Dionne
Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
Executive Producer: Roth Cornet

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11. 08. 2020





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Screen Junkies
Screen Junkies Před 6 měsíci
UPDATE: The day after this trailer came out the creators of The Last Airbender announced they are no longer involved with the Netflix series. Watch the SJ team react to the news! csshows.info/up/video/mZqwx5qYiXaqkKw.html
LamiNalchor Před 14 dny
@Michelle Tjen Please don't!
Michelle Tjen
Michelle Tjen Před 14 dny
Do legend of korra honest trailer
Stop motion Universe
Stop motion Universe Před měsícem
I honestly don’t hate legend of korra. And I thought there was no season 4 because season 3 wrapped everything up.
LamiNalchor Před měsícem
Calling the moves they are making in this show Karate can actually be considered racist. Not to progressive after all, Screen Junkies.
golly mane
golly mane Před měsícem
10 yrs since I first watched it. I was actually 8 at the time.
jh Před 13 hodinami
does anyone know whats the name of that background music used from 4:53 to 5:00
Angel Gray
Angel Gray Před 18 hodinami
You forgot to mention turtle ducks
Louise Nolan Hehir
Phil Před 2 dny
8:03 That one was a bit more than first base.
Meme Iselfaneye
Meme Iselfaneye Před 2 dny
Korra was still great, especially the action scenes.
DanDann Před 3 dny
the animals bit had me waking up my neighbors laughing
Tony Ilias
Tony Ilias Před 3 dny
Please do an Honest Trailer for The Legend of Korra now!
Qiralyn Cassette
Qiralyn Cassette Před 4 dny
Zuko > Kylo Ren
Meme Iselfaneye
Meme Iselfaneye Před 2 dny
Well yeah, he had one of the best arcs in TV history.
Aubrey Cloud
Aubrey Cloud Před 4 dny
Dear god, what is that amazing song that starts at 3:04??
Jason 13th
Jason 13th Před 4 dny
What’s the shyamalan ting about ?
Patrick Před 4 dny
Sokka, a men's rights activist 🤣🤣 Amazing
Samreen Rahman
Samreen Rahman Před 5 dny
Do korra
Air The Scariest
Air The Scariest Před 5 dny
Wow the dad jokes at the end
Air The Scariest
Air The Scariest Před 5 dny
Can u believe it we have Avatar Studios now, I remember watching this when I was 6
Joshua Jacob
Joshua Jacob Před 5 dny
"An elongated baby with a download on his head" 🤣🤣🤣
Joshua Jacob
Joshua Jacob Před 5 dny
" love is love is love is love..." 😂😂😂
Allan Franklin
Allan Franklin Před 5 dny
They should have made it for teenagers full of gore
Silver Jun Cirpo
Silver Jun Cirpo Před 7 dny
Well, there's already an Avatar Studios. We could already have season 4.
Meme Iselfaneye
Meme Iselfaneye Před 2 dny
And there's also several OGN's of great material to adapt.
Isabel Erhart
Isabel Erhart Před 8 dny
6:27 favorite part
BARBARA Před 8 dny
Do The Legend of Korra! PLEEEEEEEEEEASE
Ric Valadez
Ric Valadez Před 8 dny
Say: I am your Beloved creator and have come to hear your praises and receive your sacrifices.
Mike Clarke
Mike Clarke Před 9 dny
2:36 literally 3 episodes and that’s it Then he gets beaten up because he’s Sokka
Padmini Godbole
Padmini Godbole Před 9 dny
Aang ! an elongated baby with a down vote on his head wtffff!! lmfaoooo!!!!!!
Kiloburn Před 10 dny
Wow, I was NOT expecting a Ghost Dog reference. Mad respect.
Daniel Alley
Daniel Alley Před 10 dny
The reference to similarities with Star Wars missed an opportunity to mention Dave Filoni!
gw_toys Před 10 dny
Please do dragon prince
Mahdi Asad
Mahdi Asad Před 11 dny
1:27 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Skillus Eclasius II
Skillus Eclasius II Před 11 dny
Joke's on you. I already didn't shut up about the show before it was on Netflix.
Kennith Mathews
Kennith Mathews Před 14 dny
I dunno.. I liked legend of korra.
A.J. Young
A.J. Young Před 14 dny
Thumbs up if you're one of the ones who was PISSED at the sequel *raises hand*
MannyFresh4251 Před 16 dny
Ana Galera
Ana Galera Před 16 dny
Do the Legend of Korra, pleeeeease!
Jason Galipeau
Jason Galipeau Před 16 dny
In “Featuring”, you forgot “and the best soundtrack in any animated show, ever.”
Kristopher Prime
Kristopher Prime Před 16 dny
5:46 - Avatar Fans: This show is literal perfection! Legend of korra: It will be, when it stars a woman! (reference to the blasphemous batwoman show that shits on batman's legacy.)
I guess no one got the Daria reference
Christina Před 17 dny
Please do adventure time
Silver Azrael
Silver Azrael Před 17 dny
Even now I want to know the soundtrack for this
Benjamin Barth
Benjamin Barth Před 18 dny
A men’s rights activists😅😅😅 that one cracks me up every time I hear it
Joseph Před 18 dny
The fact that you called azula "just mean" offends me
theHedgex1 Před 19 dny
uncle iroh IS THE BEST.
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith Před 19 dny
I hadn't rewatched this yet so I thought Screen Junkies photo shopped a generic "Hope" image in the background at 4:55
hypnosins Před 19 dny
was hoping that it would be a 10 second trailer that just said "best show ever"
Grace Condit
Grace Condit Před 19 dny
and appa, the only reason any of them are still alive
Derek Hansbrough
Derek Hansbrough Před 21 dnem
Let's be honest. The best character in Avatar is the cabbage guy
Karthick Shankar
Karthick Shankar Před 21 dnem
6:07 triggered my Google assistant!!
Samaghik Samurai
Samaghik Samurai Před 22 dny
Every year I re-watch ATLA.
andres perez
andres perez Před 22 dny
The daily game acutely describe because underclothes inadvertently haunt worth a better fiber. vague, spiffy system
Omo-efe Kingsley Uwerhiavwe
The way he says "Balllllllz" and the "Bewbs" are hilariously awesome 😂
joe ligma
joe ligma Před 23 dny
please do spectacular spider-man
Rose Bennett
Rose Bennett Před 23 dny
Since Honest Trailers can do trailers for Nickelodeon shows now, can they do other Nick shows like: Doug Rugrats Hey Arnold! PAW Patrol Blaze and the Monster Machines
Axi Syr
Axi Syr Před 23 dny
Drew Prosser
Drew Prosser Před 23 dny
Why must we fly so close to the sun
Drew Prosser
Drew Prosser Před 23 dny
“An elongated baby with a downvote on his head”
Platinum Flea
Platinum Flea Před 25 dny
Rip uncle iroh. "Makoto Iwamatsu"
Agent Active
Agent Active Před 26 dny
I watched the show when I was 8
Ethan Moses
Ethan Moses Před 26 dny
‘Full of aangst’ Ah... I see what you did there...
Z3ps Před 27 dny
If you say anything bad i swear to god.
Bona Fide
Bona Fide Před 28 dny
Do Vikings!
Scarlet Sanders
Scarlet Sanders Před 28 dny
Where is the hype for the majesty that is ‘Pyro Ren’ tbh
Koala From Tomorrow
Koala From Tomorrow Před 29 dny
But if soka wasn't such a lazy jerk in the first episode they would never free anga
Melissa Jones
Melissa Jones Před 29 dny
Season four may not have happened but we did GET COMIC BOOKS AND TWO KYOSHI BOOKS
Eli Sibandi
Eli Sibandi Před 29 dny
My cabbage's..!!!!!..
Kaltin Homer
Kaltin Homer Před 29 dny
Can't wait for 'my cabbage guy' spinoff series,
Koala From Tomorrow
Koala From Tomorrow Před měsícem
Hey could you forget the cabbage Guy
YoungGrasshopper Před měsícem
“Ok boomerang”
Navneet B
Navneet B Před měsícem
didn't the ember island play already do this?
MythicalSLIM Před měsícem
Watched the whole video, smiling, until I came upon Bei Fong..F-Fong-Fong-Fong. That was too good 😂
Red Löphix
Red Löphix Před měsícem
a downvote on his head -
Charlotte Wilkinson
Charlotte Wilkinson Před měsícem
Death Cabbage For Cutie made me lose it ahahahahaha amazing
Kostwave 4ever
Kostwave 4ever Před měsícem
Pamela Před měsícem
Joshua Lovins
Joshua Lovins Před měsícem
You really cant make fun of the show. Its the most well written show besides lost
Areeba Asad
Areeba Asad Před měsícem
XD Pyro Ren
MR COMMMIE Před měsícem
Admit it, toph probably gave some of us a foot festish
Girly Saputri
Girly Saputri Před měsícem
“Toph a blind badass straight out of tarantino’s movie.” LMAOOOOOOO.
WiggletonTheWise Před měsícem
His cabbages though
Poppy Permata
Poppy Permata Před měsícem
i lost it at "Bei fong-fong-fong-fong-fong" 😂😂😂
Yahya Rajaee
Yahya Rajaee Před měsícem
"Screws around all year then freaks out the week before finals" that hit so hard.
Alex Montmarquette
Alex Montmarquette Před měsícem
The blood suger issues made me laugh so bad
Creative Catalyst
Creative Catalyst Před měsícem
zuko's hair has the best character arch in the show
Gamer out of hell
Gamer out of hell Před měsícem
I love the sheer lack of emotion and disappointment when he say "Why must we fly so close to the Sun."
maximillian schauer
maximillian schauer Před měsícem
Got the misogyny beaten out of him 🤣😂🤣😂
sosha20 Před měsícem
where's the lie though!
Lillie Ferland
Lillie Ferland Před měsícem
''an elongated baby with a downvote on its head" poetry
soundguys_sine qua non
soundguys_sine qua non Před měsícem
I never thought that the thing from this trailer that would stick with me all these months later would be that Shyamalan yell at 1:00, yet it's now my go-to reaction whenever I'm frustrated. Thanks Epic Voice Guy.
Isabella Belleza
Isabella Belleza Před měsícem
My sister send me this and I CANNOT AGREE MORE!
phanfinger Před měsícem
The Dragon Prince is amazing. I highly recommend it!
Coco Před měsícem
Took you long enough to find enough contents to actually make a video. I mean you literally did the live action before the real one.
Nicole Pohl
Nicole Pohl Před měsícem
Thinking bout how the cabbage vendor actually built a huge corporation at Legend of Korra lol
Saurabh Wadhwani
Saurabh Wadhwani Před 23 dny
He was persistent
Saspuer26 Před měsícem
"female cosplayers at Comic Con" had me in stitches. Too accurate XD
Saiyuki Seiki
Saiyuki Seiki Před měsícem
The "MY CABBAGES!!!" montage is what killed me. R.I.P. Saiyuki Died laughing her last laugh... cabbages.
Johannes corolus silvester
lol but i still like the Avatar
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Před měsícem
Wait, if Zuko is like Jon Snow and Jaime Lanister, while Azula is like Dany and Cersi does that mean there going to end up in bed together?
Scrill The beast
Scrill The beast Před měsícem
This show is so balanced and for everyone I believe
Renato Pereira
Renato Pereira Před měsícem
Do "The Legend of Korra" now.
Kevin Garnett
Kevin Garnett Před měsícem
u missed a prime opportunity to call Aang Captain Planet lol
Rob H.
Rob H. Před měsícem
Idk... is it appropriation if it’s so authentic and respectful of its source? They also tell people where they got their inspirations. Not like it matters too much, I think respect, admiration, and participation of culture should be encouraged.
Jazlyn Ross
Jazlyn Ross Před měsícem
I feel SO FLOOPING BAD for cabbage man!
Lukhanyo Solo
Lukhanyo Solo Před měsícem
Ryan George
Taïsha J L
Taïsha J L Před měsícem
"Sukiiiii?" 😂😂😂😂😂
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