Honest Trailers | 2020 (feat. Patton Oswalt) 

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Thank you Patton Oswalt for lending your Honest voice!
Honest Trailers | 2020 (feat. Patton Oswalt)
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Danielle Radford, Lon Harris, & Logan Rees
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert & Joe Starr
Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Director of Video Production: Max Dionne
Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
Executive Producer: Roth Cornet

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29. 12. 2020





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Komentáře 100   
SCP_Foundation_User1433 Před 8 hodinami
the line at 3:26 is a brutal realization for us all. 2020 really could've been much worse.
RockabillyFame Před 21 hodinou
Willy's wonderland!! Come on!!!
cokesquirrel Před 5 dny
Patton Oswald makes everything better
areeba khalid
areeba khalid Před 11 dny
Honest trailer 'i think about endgame once a day' Marvel Fans; so do we brother
RufousSnake9766 Před 12 dny
This year is kinda meh compared to last year.
Nicholas Kimbrell
Nicholas Kimbrell Před 14 dny
“Harassing the Snyder Cut into existence” yeah, if that’s what you wanna think happened.
Raymond Lo
Raymond Lo Před 14 dny
This is a documentary, not a trailer....
Jeremiah Dansereau
Jeremiah Dansereau Před 16 dny
I dont get the Hellraiser Reference.
Dee Day
Dee Day Před 18 dny
But nothing on racial injustice huh?!?!
Oscar Wind
Oscar Wind Před 19 dny
Is this the guy who was the rat in Rattatoie?
systembikes Před 20 dny
Flesh Gordon
Hazbin Hotel SUPER Fan
The world has lowered my standards so far that if nuclear bombs aren't dropped I consider it a good year.
Rodrigo Moura
Rodrigo Moura Před 23 dny
You know what wouldn't suck? A Sense8 Honest Trailer! PLEASE! Do Sense8 next!!!
blenderbach Před 24 dny
we need an Idiocracy Honest Trailer please please
William Herman
William Herman Před 24 dny
Sure, without proper context, 2020 sucks. However, take anyone who is currently alive right now, lets say... Patton Oswalt for example, and put him in LITERALLY ANY YEAR before the 1800s... They would be BEGGING to come back to 2020.
Samia I
Samia I Před 25 dny
Worst. Live Adaptation. Ever
Striljr Před 26 dny
Do Contagion!!! I'm honestly surprised you didn't do that film last year with what's been going on.
Alexander The Great Eminem Fan Stan Shady
Fleetwood Mac is an Awesome Band. End Game Sucked lol 😁
Lief Bamberg
Lief Bamberg Před 27 dny
we aren't boomers. Random has been cameos just gets you disliked ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Bellandora Před měsícem
That was terrific! Having Patton Oswald in this was awesome!
Alda Před měsícem
No fair. I cried "Jumanji" at New Year's Eve. The game was supposed to end!
Vaibhav Joshi
Vaibhav Joshi Před měsícem
Do honest trailer of Netflix Daredevil
Ruben Galindo
Ruben Galindo Před měsícem
Awww they actually think revelation is this oh nooo it is much much much worse
Zack Syl
Zack Syl Před měsícem
Patton Oswalt killed his own wife.
ArisCarroll Před měsícem
Please say "We are extremely impressed with the progress of the XCOM project thus far, Commander."
GranpaMike Před měsícem
You need to do an honest trailer on The Joe Rogan Experience
Reylan David
Reylan David Před měsícem
Andreas Lindahl
Andreas Lindahl Před měsícem
Please do a honest trailer for "Eight legged freaks"!
Hitsuga Tatsuro
Hitsuga Tatsuro Před měsícem
Please say, "Here comes '21, durun durun, Here comes '21 and I say... we're f*cked, right?" To the tune of "Here Comes the Sun."
jcrkorn Před měsícem
"Just when I think you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this... and totally redeem yourself" reference to the Star Wars franchise... I FELT THAT.
Lukhanyo Solo
Lukhanyo Solo Před měsícem
Thunder Haad
Thunder Haad Před měsícem
i now consider myself a brave hero trying to bring percy jackson justice
theaussiegeek Před měsícem
WOW what 7 days make - 30th Dec to 6th Jan
TabalugaDragon Před měsícem
1:35 did you mean Agents of SHIELD, Mr Koenig? 3:15 you probably meant Agents of SHIELD, I'm sure of it!
amirabbas alimohammadi
amirabbas alimohammadi Před měsícem
0:44 thats zarif!!!! iran's foreign minister. (really? no one better than him? that fucking liar.i'm iranian so believe me every thing that man say is a lie just like Ribbentrop)
G_Boy Před měsícem
Why didn't he mentioned the riots that burned cities and destroyed countless small businesses?
Igor Polyakov
Igor Polyakov Před měsícem
Humans: *Exist* 2020: *And I took that personally*
Father Huntsman
Father Huntsman Před měsícem
Is this supposed to be funny?
Amy Gomez
Amy Gomez Před měsícem
What film is at 1:22 anyone??
Vigneswara Prabhu
Vigneswara Prabhu Před měsícem
I'm offended that there was not much one reference to where it all started.
Clayton Bates - Shopify Expert
"America you're screwed" lol
jay day
jay day Před měsícem
Well it couldn't get any worse.
Will Thomas
Will Thomas Před měsícem
7-10 of the walking dead!
Tijan Před měsícem
Famine: Shows a picture of random Africans 🤦🏾‍♂️
Andrew Park
Andrew Park Před měsícem
“Live action adaptation of the book of revelations” Im literally dead
Mahashis Bose
Mahashis Bose Před měsícem
Do "Attack on Titan!"
Outtheredude Před měsícem
Please stop saying "how could things possibly get any worse" ironically. Didn't work for Emperor Palpatine on Robot Chicken. ;-)
Kitty Girl54321
Kitty Girl54321 Před měsícem
Dear 2020, F*ck you 3,000. No, f*ck you 3,000,000,000. Sincerely, Kitty Girl54321
James Shepard82
James Shepard82 Před měsícem
Say "Andy Signore freaking rules!"
Charlie Cryer
Charlie Cryer Před měsícem
Patton Oswald? The guy from two and a half men?
Vin Diesel on crack
Vin Diesel on crack Před měsícem
Those "old" tweets got me
hawaiisunfun Před měsícem
I wish this vid had the song 'you ain't seen nothing yet' with the 2021 part. Oh it's going
hawaiisunfun Před měsícem
I love how 2020 gets it's own trailer. I mean, it's the name of a movie, 2012 2.0
Dioscuri Před měsícem
“You know 2021 is when the real pain begins” 2 weeks into 2021 this did not age well
Marshmallows And Wifi
Marshmallows And Wifi Před měsícem
21 days in nothing big
Carlos Lopez-Ortega
Carlos Lopez-Ortega Před měsícem
Fernando Trento
Fernando Trento Před měsícem
it's warming up
Said AR
Said AR Před měsícem
O-M-G that voice... He is Alan Shapiro
The Golden Knight
The Golden Knight Před měsícem
0:45 NORMALLY I'd Force Choke someone over that...but, in the spirit of the season, I'm feeling generous. Also, Patton REALLY knows what's up! And not just the badass George Patton, though him ALSO. Now I'm going to pray to my new lord and savior: "IT CAN'T GET ANY WORSE!" WHY?! Because I *WANT* to watch things keep getting worse! With that in mind... *PLEASE SAY: "IT CAN'T GET ANY WORSE!"*
iheartpanic00 Před měsícem
Love that they used the road to el Dorado in this!
Anso Islander
Anso Islander Před měsícem
It can't get any worse, wait until you fools get "Bidened"!
Dvir Bdolach
Dvir Bdolach Před měsícem
Please make a video on Thunderbirds 2004🙏🙏
Prince Equalizer
Prince Equalizer Před měsícem
4:52 What movie is that?
Prince Equalizer
Prince Equalizer Před měsícem
Please anyone?
Elaine Hinton
Elaine Hinton Před měsícem
A bit late on comments. But an honorary 2021 honest trailer is needed.
Ghazal K
Ghazal K Před měsícem
Live action adaptation of the book of Revelations took me outttt🤣🤣🤣
cvue cvue
cvue cvue Před měsícem
2 words: Nacho Libre
Ping LIM
Ping LIM Před měsícem
1:16 - 1:18 What movie is this?
Karybeño Před měsícem
Lovecraft countrey
Anthony Goldman
Anthony Goldman Před měsícem
Please say “Stinky McStinkerton”.
IbokRock811 Před měsícem
I liked seeing “I’m thinking of ending things” in The Crown shot - it’s kinda relevant 😳😳
Frank Bruder
Frank Bruder Před měsícem
Well, the entire video is ruined by a beeping sound that obscured part of the very last sentence spoken.
Leonel Leyva
Leonel Leyva Před měsícem
2020 Season 2 hype
Arlia Marr
Arlia Marr Před měsícem
God I love living in Australia
MrNight2015 Před měsícem
This is the way.
Redd North
Redd North Před měsícem
No mention of country wide riots?
JulianS Před měsícem
2020 started for me with a 6.1 tremor in January in Puerto Rico followed by constant aftershocks to this day
2012 should have been the apocalypse
"The before times" lmao kill me please
sh2master Před měsícem
i was about to say i never heard of this movie ... haha I'm excited to watch this
shequita washington
shequita washington Před měsícem
Hey Screen Junkies, do Boys in da Hood AND Straight Outta Compton! PLEASE!!!
Dophiaflips Estaseg
Dophiaflips Estaseg Před měsícem
Terrible movie. Would not recommend.
Spencer Mead
Spencer Mead Před měsícem
But it could be better, a lot better.
Zandor Felok
Zandor Felok Před měsícem
2021, the DLC to 2020
UnPinchePochoFromThe831 Před měsícem
What about the toilet paper?
dick grayson
dick grayson Před měsícem
Batman Beyond Honest Trailer!
leniel dela torre
leniel dela torre Před měsícem
Fr-Asier or Iend
leniel dela torre
leniel dela torre Před měsícem
I should've got a tattoo on my B-day thanks a lot 2020
Olivia MacIver
Olivia MacIver Před měsícem
Can we get an honest trailer for supernatural now that it’s finally over
Bethanie Johnson
Bethanie Johnson Před měsícem
Joshua Manriguez
Joshua Manriguez Před měsícem
You reminded me, time to get stoned and watch Road to Eldorado again. That movie's great.
Aether Liger's Random Archive
Did I heard Do Kung Fu Hustle?
Laura Graves
Laura Graves Před měsícem
Look up jon levi on youtube. Straight facts. 💛
Kripton Hunter
Kripton Hunter Před měsícem
Not One Mention Of Kobe
Null *P Exception
Null *P Exception Před měsícem
4:00 What!? Not starring dancing nurses/doctors showing how bad (read 'boring') things got in hospitals?
It’s been 84 years
Goforth Myron
Goforth Myron Před měsícem
Get ready for 2020's New Game Plus !
Logan Botill
Logan Botill Před měsícem
hey, um, guys 2021 ain't so hot either
Sylvester Meheux
Sylvester Meheux Před měsícem
Do a Honest Trailer for Lucy with Scarlett Johansson......please
pijus71 Před měsícem
Godfather trailer ya wankers!!!
Nate Sirois
Nate Sirois Před měsícem
It’s the guy from agents of shield!
NickJames Před měsícem
Love the Dumb and Dumber quote for Boba Fett. It’s the movie I quote the most.
First Last
First Last Před měsícem
Whats the movie called on 1:21? Ive seen that movie quite a while ago but cant remember its name
8503 Yug Vijan
8503 Yug Vijan Před měsícem
fred fredburger
fred fredburger Před měsícem
Honest trailer for Astartes!
Wildman2012 Před měsícem
"Let's hide behind the chainsaws!" --best line from a 2020 commercial.
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